• Life Coach Session: having certainty

    Being certain is believing that what we are doing will benefit us and that if we persevere, we will reap the benefits of our efforts.  Never doubt yourself and never let others do the same; instead, show them that you are a person who is deserving of admiration by acting in a way that demonstrates… Read more

  • Life Coach Session: running away from yourself

    Life Coach Session: Running away from yourself Run away from yourself; it’s the easiest thing to do.  Accepting who you are is the toughest thing to do.  Finally, you’re going to discover some sort of acceptance. Running from your suffering, hardship, despair, and fear is easier.  Pretending to be someone else is simple to do. … Read more

  • Life Coach Session: How to make a change

    Life Coach Session: How to make a change  The easiest method to determine whether a change is required is to examine yourself and determine whether anything needs to be done to improve yourself and your relationships with those you come into contact with.  Change is a transition from what is limiting you to what will… Read more

  • Life Coach Session: Building a trust

    Life Coach Session: Building a trust You can’t have a healthy relationship unless you have trust. And yet, almost all of us can recall a situation in which our trust has been broken.  But how can we begin to build trust? Can damaged trust be restored?  Here are some tips for building trust.  Making others… Read more

  • Life Coach Session: how to solve a problem

    In many cases, we allow things to get out of hand to the point where they might jeopardise the situation rather than working out a solution amicably.  So, how do we simplify? Read more

  • Have you ever been in a situation when you thought everything about you is just so wrong?

    Have you ever been in a situation when you thought everything  about you is just so wrong? Known as a danger zone.  The more immersed you are, the more you want to play badly.  When you are in a bad situation, negative things draw more into you.  More adverse circumstances will result from negative thinking.… Read more

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