Life Coach Session: go with the flow

Life Coach Session: Go with the flow

There will always be things beyond our control, regardless of how much control we put in our life or how many good habits we develop. If we allow them, these things may be a major cause of stress, irritation, and rage. 

Learn the ability to flow with the situation.

Imagine that you had the ideal calm morning routine. You’ve planned your mornings such that you spend time doing activities that make you feel peaceful and content. Anyway, uncontrollable terrible things happen. 

You become furious. Because you were unable to complete your morning routine, you feel disappointed. You are under stress as a result of all these adjustments to your routine. You get frustrated the remainder of the day, which destroys your day. 

Not the best course of action, is it?

 And yet, if we’re being completely honest, the majority of us struggle with situations like this—things that interfere with our preferred routines, individuals who alter our habits, and situations in life that don’t go according to plan.

Go with the flow.

Going with the flow is what? It is coping with the challenges. Accepting change without becoming upset or agitated is what it means. Instead of attempting to shape life precisely how you want it to be, it involves accepting what life offers.

Accept that there are things you cannot control. At some level, I believe we all understand this, yet frequently our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions run contrary to this fundamental fact. Although we cannot control the universe, we often act as though we could. 

Wishful thinking won’t change that. Even the things that are directly inside your sphere of influence are beyond your control; you can only have a control on a certain number of things. 

Every aspect of our life will be impacted by factors outside our control, and we must accept it or we will be unhappy all the time. Meditate on this for a while.

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