Life Coach Session: The Dark Side

The Dark Side

Do you have a self-disowned identity? 

I suppose we all do.

 Our dark sides, or the aspects of ourselves that we are uncomfortable with, embarrassed about, ashamed of, or scared of, are the disowned selves.

Our core selves normally try hard to ensure that we don’t show our disowned selves to the world, since they are certain that doing so will invite criticism, rejection, desertion, or some other form of tragedy. 

In reality, these traits are frequently required for us to achieve balance and healing in our lives. 

We must let that kind of energy flow into our minds. 

Even the possibility of negative flow exists. 

The value of our lives is something that is held by that kind of equilibrium.

 We won’t be able to access the fullness of our energy as long as we are afraid of who we really are, our dark side.

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