Life Coach Session: The zone of comfort

The Zone of Comfort 

Do you ever have the feeling that you are comfortable with where you are and see no need for further development or progress?

 You may not be aware of it, but while everything around you is evolving and adapting to the situation, you still are standing there and in time.

  Life is constantly changing and evolving. In order to keep up with it all, we as individuals must also change and adapt. 

Animals and insects in nature also adapt to their constantly changing habitats, which improves their ability to survive. 

Hence, as people, we must never sit back and watch life pass us by; instead, we must adapt to it and always be the best version of ourselves.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t be happy with what you have or what you’ve accomplished. 

And to never try to prove anything or anyone else. 

To better yourself, both physically and intellectually, is what I’m advocating here. and learn to adapt to a world that is constantly changing.

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