Life Coach Session: self-hatred

How would you identify a self-hatred feeling? 

This is a strong hate towards oneself. 

Hating yourself has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. 

Why would this happen? 

There are so many things, just to name a few: how we seem, what we can’t do, where we come from, how people treat us, how they make us feel about ourselves, and the flaws in our character.

 We’ll discover that the experience of self-hatred is almost usually brought on by other people.

Are others’ expectations of us, their opinions of us, or how they see us matter to the extent that, in the absence of their validation or approval, it may result in such self-hatred?

 This is a question that we must ask ourselves. 

Because you are unique, irreplaceable, and just amazing, you cannot assign a value to yourself. 

Thus, why allow others to determine your worth and value?

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