Life Coach Session: It’s okay to feel pain

Life Coach session: It’s okay to feel pain

It’s okay to feel wounded when things go wrong, when you’re left feeling empty and alone, when you’re unsure how to handle everything life throws at you. 

Keep in mind that there is no need to act as though everything is fine when, deep down, your soul is begging with you to let it feel and heal completely without making it into something it is not.

When something is stolen from us, the things that are left have more worth. Both the visibility and the intensity increase. We acquire depth while losing breadth.

Even if you feel as though tears aren’t any longer able to stream down your face, it’s okay to cry. When you lose a love that you wished you could keep forever, it’s okay to feel heartbroken. It’s okay to feel dissatisfied with the life you now lead. It’s fine to reflect on the past and experience sadness. It’s okay to feel weak when anything in life seems off. Learn to be honest with your heart and don’t try to hide the truth of your feelings from yourself.

“Don’t think that having a lot of money, success, or fame would protect you from suffering.”

Take steps backwards, stop and rethink how you want things done, become angry with that person who broke your heart. Pray for better days and cry until you feel the dryness in your eyes.

You will understand why the struggle was worthwhile when the moment comes and you feel your mind’s strength. You’ll recover. 

It is the natural process of healing. Even if a scar develops, if you don’t allow yourself to experience the painful stage, you won’t progress.

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