Life Coach Session: Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself

Self-compassion and being your own best friend are other terms for self-kindness. It really depends on you how you use it; are you having trouble with negative thoughts and want to remind yourself of positive things? Or perhaps you truly need a treat to cheer you up. Similar to how you would try to make your friend feel better if they were angry and show them kindness, The monthly action calendars from Action for Happiness can serve as a daily reminder to treat yourself well. 

Self-kindness might offer a little measure of comfort when uncomfortable thoughts or feelings are present, but it won’t always make them go away.

The problem is, most of us concentrate on being kind to others but all too often we forget to be kind to ourselves.

Life’s tough enough, stressful enough, hard enough, challenging enough, so there’s no reason not to begin with yourself.

To love yourself, you don’t have to work on improving yourself all the time. You don’t simply deserve love if you accomplish a goal. Keep your self-compassion intact despite the pressures of the world. You were deserving of love when you were born, and you still are. Treat yourself well.

Keep your promises. Speak truthfully, never criticise yourself or other people, and only express what you mean. Use the power of your words to promote love and truth. 

 Act morally even when no one is around. While doing the right thing can be painful, doing the wrong thing has a lasting negative impact. 

 Hang out with good-hearted people. Spend your precious time with people that have the same charitable mindset as you do and never stop doing things for others.

Accept your strength. You’ll be better equipped to empower others if you embrace your own power. 

Develop mental calmness. The best defence against even the worst difficulties is a tranquil mind. 

 Engage in a brave conversation. Be bold enough to initiate a meaningful conversation. 

 Designate days for no media. Disconnect from all screens and other distracting or bothersome items. 

Celebrate your growth. Sometimes we forget to celebrate how far we’ve come. Mental, emotional, and spiritual growth don’t happen automatically. They take work and perseverance, and they’re worth rewarding.

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