Life Coach Session: Have you ever ruined your good reputation?

Life Coach Session: Have you ever ruined your good reputation?

It took years to build a good reputation, but just minutes to destroy once. 

Most of us have suffered some type of reputational harm at some point in our lives.

After all, this is life, and life is full of mistakes.

 Don’t we all have at least one story that continues to bother us? 

No matter how long and how hard someone has worked, their lives can still be ruined in the blink of an eye. 

What happens, however, if you suffer serious reputational harm? 

Can you ever get better? 

Try these tips.

  • Take responsibility for your acts and own them. 
  • Accept accountability.
  •  Nobody is impressed by someone who lacks honesty. 
  • People take someone more seriously when they admit their flaws in a sincere, humane manner. 
  • You must acknowledge your mistakes and make an improvement plan in order to rebuild your reputation and brand. 
  • Be receptive to criticism and dedicated to self-improvement. 
  • Offer an apology. 
  • Don’t make excuses. 
  • Avoid shifting the blame. 
  • Adding comments to lessen the impact is not appropriate. 
  • Don’t brag about all of your great work; instead, acknowledge the damage you’ve caused and apologise.

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