Life Coach Session: Find the source of fire

Life coach session: Find the source of the fire

Sometimes life can get overwhelming. Whether we have too much to do, or we are feeling completely drained, it can be hard to face the tough things that life throws at us. 

Never leave a problem unattended if it arises. 

Face it and take a look at it! Don’t ignore it. It is the basic step of the solution. 

You must identify and put out the fire’s source. 

Ignoring it will only make you destroy and burn down. 

Therefore, you must first decide what is truly bothering you.

The thought of procrastination will eventually wear you out, whether you manage to fix it or not. 

Therefore, it would be best to accept the problem. Write down the consequences of not dealing with it. 

This can assist you in gaining perspective. 

then choose your first action. Sometimes, the start is really all. The latter will proceed spontaneously. 

If you can’t change the situation or incident, you can develop coping mechanisms to help you survive its aftermath. Remember that people frequently assume unfavourable experiences would leave them feeling worse and worse for a longer period of time than they actually do. 

Telling yourself this isn’t the end of the world doesn’t mean your problem is not really a problem or is insignificant.

Often we find our feelings scary, heavy, and confusing, so we try to keep them at a distance. But we need our feelings in order to find satisfaction, meaning, and pleasure in life. Getting rid of feelings not only backfires but it also drains us of the psychological energy that makes life worth living. Feelings are the gas in the engine of our personalities. They are the source of motivation. They are the energy, the vitality, the juice of life. Without them, our lives wouldn’t have any personality, dimension, or colour. There wouldn’t be any joy, creativity or fun. There wouldn’t be you. There wouldn’t be me. Without our feelings, nothing would really matter.

So, don’t be scared to find the source of your fire. It’s the only way to stop spreading it.

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