Work and Fun

We’ve all heard the saying “work while you’re working, play while you’re playing.” 

Is this how it has to be all the time? 

Our everyday duties, work, and responsibilities are all overwhelming us all. 

Why must we only have fun when we have free time? 

It doesn’t always have to be this way. 

Every little thing we do can be enjoyable. 

Of course, it will be difficult to have fun when under pressure and stress at work. 

All of us do. 

But what if we alter our perspective? 

Don’t expect to be in a big mess just because you’re working. 

Consider, “How can I find fun things today while working?

” How can I put off or dismiss the pressure while working today?

 Then, when you do your tasks, you can enjoy yourself.

For instance:

When you work overtime, don’t think about how much time you lost at work. 

Instead, how can you enjoy working overtime, perhaps by eating or drinking your favourite snacks? 

Don’t think how irritated you were when your supervisor disciplined you.

 Instead, consider how your employer will feel guilty about this in the future.

 This may seem ridiculous, but it actually works. 

Every little thing we do can be enjoyable.

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