Life Coach Session: Are you a heavy backpacker?

Life Coach Session: Are you a heavy backpacker?

What have you been packing for your journey of life?












And many more…

Are you loaded with all of these things?

How many did you leave behind on route?

Have you dropped anything off on the way?

Of course, those things must follow us on our journey between life and death as beings. 

The problem is that if you don’t try letting go, your own backpack will weigh too much on you. 

Try to let go! 

Attempt to deliver something! or 

Share things on the way.

You don’t carry the entire load. You are not a burden of anything.  

And try managing your own bag; don’t concentrate on fitting just one item. Try creating compartments and boundaries in your backpack. Make sure your backpack is organised so that carrying it won’t be a bother. 

Don’t hesitate to throw something away on the way.

Don’t let someone put extra things on your shoulder.

After all, it’s your journey and yours alone.

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