Life Coach Session: How to make a decision

How to make a decision?

All throughout the day, people make decisions, the majority of which are simple and don’t need much thought.

 However, it’s simple to feel uncertain or cautious when circumstances are more complicated and have longer-term effects.

There may be several actions that you have previously heard about or been warned against, such as 

  • Keep your stress levels under control. 
  • Spend some time with yourself. 
  • Do a pro/con analysis. 
  • Consider your values and goals. 
  • Think about all the options. 
  • Talk it over. 
  • Keep a notebook. 
  • Consider how you’ll approach others. 
  • Reconsider your choices


However, if you were to ask me, I would only say one thing. 

Never, ever allow love, hatred, rage, or sadness to affect your choices. 

Maintain a zero emotional quotient. 

You will then choose the best choice.

Your inner voice will be heard louder.

2 responses to “Life Coach Session: How to make a decision”

  1. “It is often challenging to disregard the inner voice of our heart and the nagging doubts that arise when faced with important decisions. These conflicting emotions can cloud our judgment and make it difficult to choose the best course of action. However, it is crucial to approach decision-making with a clear and rational mind, weighing the pros and cons of each option before arriving at a well-informed conclusion. By doing so, we can ensure that our choices align with our values and goals, leading to greater success and fulfilment in the long run.”

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    • I wholly agree with you. When it comes to making a crucial decision, it is easier said than done to ignore the conflicts and bias thoughts that come to mind. Sometimes, not even I am able to get there.
      Yet I believe we can improve the more we practice.

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