Raising my daughter

When people asked me how I would raise my daughter, I would respond, “Like a tree, I would”. 

I will not tie her up so that she may develop in the form or direction that I like.

 I will not add any minerals so that she can grow stronger or faster. 

I will not  remove any of her imperfections to make her appear flawless.

I’ll only water her every day with pure love and care. 

She will have to learn to resist the storm all by herself.

She will have to learn by herself to mourn and bloom again when she’s losing her leaves. 

She will have to learn by herself how to praise her imperfections.

She will have to learn  by herself how to give shade to others.

And she has to grow beautifully and happily. 

Even though she failed to do so, I won’t blame her for who she was.

She just has to remember one thing. 

No matter what she becomes, I am always proud of her. That she is so special to me.

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