Life Coach Session: love & belonging

There will always be a question of love and belonging.

 We simply cannot measure connection and relationship, despite the fact that they are the most important aspects of life. 

The same applies to the ideas of respect and happiness.

 When emotions or experiences are so connected in people’s stories, it’s not an unintentional entanglement; it’s a purposeful knot. 

Love and belonging go together. 

I am actually certain about this. 

I’m prepared to declare this to be true after gathering thousands of  stories :  All women, men, and children have a natural need for a strong sense of love and belonging. 

To love, to be loved, and to belong is part of our biological, cognitive, physical, and spiritual wiring.

When such needs are not met, we do not function as we should.

 We freeze.

 We shatter.

 We become numb. 

We hurt. 

We cause harm to others. 

We get sick. 

There are undoubtedly other reasons for  that,  numbness, and hurt, but suffering will always result from a lack of love and a sense of belonging.

We are all intertwined in this living world, born to care for and love one another, and we all share a motherly bond with one another. 

Spread your goodness, love, and support more.

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