Life Coach Session: The admiration we want

Life Coach Session: The admiration we want

The admiration we want 

All of us have put in a lot of effort during our lives to earn the appreciation we desire.

 Isn’t it? 

The appreciation from the audience, family, friends, and colleagues, as well as from social media.

 If you have 10,000 followers, you would like 100,000, then a million, and so on. 

The level of admiration we seek will never be satisfied.

 And your life becomes dependent on it.

 The more we get, the higher we put our values, the stronger our want for more. 

Even if we succeed, we could still experience the nagging thought that there must be a higher purpose behind what we haven’t accomplished yet. 

Truth be told, life education hasn’t always taught us how to live happily and contentedly. 

  We must approach life and happiness in different ways.

 We will have to feel a growing sense of fullness, strength, aliveness, and purpose in our lives.

Not by the admiration we received from others, but by the appreciation of our own values.

One response to “Life Coach Session: The admiration we want”

  1. Great insights on the never-ending quest for admiration and how it can negatively impact our happiness. Emphasizing the importance of valuing our own accomplishments and finding purpose in our lives is a valuable lesson.

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