Life Coach Session: Build up your wall

Life Coach Session: Build up your wall

Know how the immune system in our bodies functions? 

Our body’s defensive mechanisms combat viruses when they enter our bodies for the first time, producing antibodies to fight them. 

Certain B cells and T cells have a “memory,” which enables the adaptive immune system to react and produce antibodies more quickly in the future if you come across the same or very similar diseases.

 When the virus reappears, you won’t be as vulnerable. 

By doing this, we strengthen our immune system. 

Why then doesn’t our mind work the same way? 

Let it be if you experience pain or are hurt.

 Let it flow.

 Every trauma you suffer simply makes you stronger. 

Your mind will become adapted to the suffering.

Due to the same reason, you won’t experience worse suffering than you did the previous time. 

Your wall has been built by you.

 You’re stronger. 

You grow.

So, it’s okay to experience pain. 

For your mental toughness and inner development. 

Build a stronger wall for yourself.

I’m providing free life coach sessions to anyone who is interested in talking or sharing. I cannot promise that you will acquire morality, but I can promise that I will do my best to hear what you have to say. 

Please feel free to comment down below or send me a direct message.


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