5 words you should remind yourself everyday

I’m beautiful

Yes, you’re beautiful. Everyone has their own beauty regardless of the age, sex, race, complexion, or whatever the diversity is. Appreciate what you have, what your body is. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about your body at all. It’s crucial to do self-care, in a way like skincare, bodycare, hair care, and plus exercise for your health care. There’s my favourite song from cocomelon that my child used to play, that says… Eyes, ears, lips, hands, legs, all the body parts, whatever that you own… “I love my body the way it is”. Yes, it is a gift from birth to death. You have to appreciate it everyday. Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. They say inner beauty turns the heart, but actually, the acceptance of your outer beauty brings satisfaction. 

I’m confident

They say, confidence is…

the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.

a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

So, basically, we gain confidence by accomplishing something, by achieving our goals or by getting appreciation from others. This is too much relying on materialism. 

We should gain our confidence by self-assuring ourselves, that is appreciation of our own abilites. One must need to remind herself that I’m confident enough to do anything. That doesn’t have to arise from her communities, her peer groups, her social media, or of course, from someone else. If you depend too much on that, and then you haven’t achieved anything, your confidence is easy to lose. 

I’m worthy

How do you define worthy?

By defination: a person notable or important in a particular sphere.

Yes, you’re worthy in your own atmosphere. You don’t need to prove someone or anyone else that you’re worthy. You don’t need to be recognised as a useful person by the community. Before this, you must prove yourself first that you’re worthy. By any means, you are capable of doing special things. You deserved to be praised, not by some else, but by yourself first.

I’m better

Yes, we’re a better version of yesterday. Day by day, we’re getting better, getting improved in every way. Remember that! Getting older is also an improvement. Appreciate your body, your life that you’ve survived yesterday. You will be better today and getting better tomorrow. Past is your old version, forget about that, and move on. You will have a chance to shine better today and tomorrow.

I will

It’s not “I can or I can do”. More specific and definite word, “I will”. Surely, you will become something you’d imagined. You will become your best version. You will definitely get what you’re going after. It’s some kind of belief in yourself. Keep aiming and going on. It will happen.



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