Life Coach Session: You don’t need to upgrade yourself to prove your worth

Life Coach Session: You don’t need to upgrade yourself to prove your worth

It’s unnecessary to exhaust yourself attempting to determine your own worth. You don’t require an upgrade. Your worth is not based on how much you accomplish, how much you do, how fit you are, or how much value you gain from being idle. Value is not something that requires constant attention. The worth is there. It is innate and intrinsic. It exists in “being,” not “doing.”

In an effort to win everyone’s approval and acceptance, we occasionally try to present ourselves as perfect. But we can’t satisfy everyone, and we shouldn’t try. Our delicacy, our complicated emotions, and our genuine flaws are what make us beautiful. Genuine relationships, real pleasure, and real success are all accessible when we decide to be true rather than what we believe others want us to be.

Ignore the expectations and comparisons that are banging on your door. You should only strive to grow upon the person you were yesterday. Show yourself to yourself first, then to others. The RIGHT people for you will admire everything about you that the WRONG people find intimidating and they will adore you for it. Bottom line: Be patient, keep being your beautiful self, and eventually the RIGHT people will adore the REAL you. Don’t change so that people would like you.

Even if perfectionism is a quality shared by some of the generation’s most influential thinkers, obsessing over every little detail still puts unnecessary strain on the body and causes mental health problems. 

Perfection is a relative concept. A jumble of hues to one person can be the ideal work of art. 

No one is flawless, but that’s okay since people are all the same way. The flaws serve to emphasise that person’s individuality and personality. 

You become immune to what people have to say about you when you learn to accept your flaws.

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