The magical drink:  carrot and apple juice

They say “an apple a day keeps your doctor away”. When combined with carrot and drinks daily, you will even forget your doctor’s name.

Immune booster

In the midst of covid 19, we should take a supplementary diet to boost our immune system. To fuel your body with immune boosting nutrients, carrot and apple juice will definitely work as an immune booster. The nutrients in this vibrant fresh juice provides your body with doses of vitamin A, potassium.

Vitamin A- helps nourish your skin and boost your immune system.

Potassium-  is good for keeping your heart, muscles, and digestive tract functional.

So, one drink of carrot and apple juice per day will keep you protected from infectious diseases.

Skin and hair care

This magical drink contains nutrients to improve your skin health. It provides a potent mix of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene as well as a host of free radical fighting antioxidants.The antioxidants present in apples help to keep your skin from ageing and provide nutrients to your hair making it healthier and fuller. Plus, beta-carotene from carrots have been found to help reduce inflammation and provide nutrients to the skin and nervous system’s cells.

Diseases protection

Apples are high in fibre and natural antioxidants like quercetin that have been shown to protect brain cells, fight cancer cells, and help heal inflammation. Antioxidants serve as an igniter for disease fighting capabilities and cellular protection of the body system.Studies have shown that the nutrients found in the drink can provide a substantial decrease in risk for diabetes, decrease ageing in the central nervous system. Besides, vitamin A from carrots benefits the eyes to reach their optimal capacity for vision and is able to adapt to low lighting via retinol, the main component in retinal pigmentation. More or less, vitamin K will decrease the risk of hip fractures especially in older women.

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