Life Coach Session: Should we erase the horrible memories?

Life Coach Session: Should we erase the horrible memories?

Of course, forgetting is a normal and necessary aspect of life.

 For our emotional well-being, it is crucial that we have an ability to forget unpleasant and hurtful experiences.

 Indeed, self-deception may be necessary for psychological stability. 

However, truthfulness will be a problem because if we forget tragedies, we might start believing in deception. 

A significant personal tragedy, however, is unlikely to be successfully forgotten because proof of its occurrence is typically shared with friends, family, and the general public. 

A more dangerous form of self-deception is changing our perception of who we are. 

Modifying our memories involves the issue of self-awareness and self-control.

 Certain prior memories assist us predict how we will behave in comparable situations in the future. 

Modifying these memories could prevent us from learning how we could behave in similar situations in the future.

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