Is your child having nightmares more often?

Is your child dealing with terrible things or is he or she having overreacting behaviour recently? 

Then, parents have to figure out their daily activities and find the answer. Here are some of the factors contributing to have bad dreams in childern

  • Watching over rated 13+ movies like scary, thriller movies 
  • Playing excessively action games or violence games
  • Having troubles or relationship or communication problems in their community, school or family or friends
  • Feeling stressed or anxious about the recent activites (for example, changing places, location or going for a trip)
  • Not having enough sleep lately

How to help your child after a nightmare

Go to your child when he cries out. Physical reassurance is important, so hug him or rub his back until he calms down. If you bring your child into your bed to comfort him, be aware you could be creating a habit that’s hard to reverse.

Let him tell you about the nightmare if he wants to, but don’t press it. Console him verbally, but remember that “it’s only a dream” might not be much help, as your child is just beginning to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. But it’s still something worth saying, since children this age are ready to start learning that nightmares aren’t real.

If you suspect anxiety or stress is behind the bad dreams, try talking to your child about what might be bothering him during the calmer daylight hours. If the nightmares persist and he’s extremely afraid of going to bed or fearful during the day, bring it up with his doctor – the dreams could signal an emotional issue that needs addressing.

You may also want to show your child there are no monsters under the bed or hiding in the closet. Be nonchalant about it to avoid getting drawn into an all-the-lights-on monster-hunt extravaganza. Double-check that your child’s favourite toy or stuffed animal is tucked in with him, make sure the night-light is on, and remind him you’re right down the hall, ready to assure that everyone in the house is safe.


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