How to make your hair grow faster

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How to make your hair grow faster

If your hair isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like, you might be wondering what you can do. Do any solutions exist? Can dietary modifications accelerate growth? What about drugs or other medical interventions?

According to research, hair naturally grows at a rate of 0.35 millimetres per day, which equals roughly ½-inch per month for a total of 6 inches per year. Note: The shorter your hair (whether you’re working with a bob, bangs,or a buzzcut), the faster your hair will appear to grow—even though the rate hasn’t changed.

Your hair growth is determined by your hormones, health, genetics, and age. So despite what advertisements and product labels may tell you, there’s no topical product that can truly grow your hair faster and longer (unless, of course, your body has a health condition or vitamin deficiency that, when resolved, can result in hair growth).

That being said, hair growth requires a healthy scalp, a healthy body, and healthy hair habits to work most effectively.

While there’s no direct way to make your hair grow faster overnight, there are steps you can take to keep your hair healthy and long.

Cool It Down 

Heat styling can break and damage hair. If you often get blow-outs or use a curling or straightening iron or hot comb, your hair may not grow as quickly as you’d like. If you must use heat:

  • Spritz on a heat protectant first.
  • Use the coolest setting.
  • Work quickly so heat touches your hair as little as possible.
  • Don’t use it every day.

Let Wet Hair Be 

Wet hair is super-stretchy. If you brush it when it’s dripping, you could break strands or damage the cuticle, the shingle-like cells that protect each hair. Using heat tools on very wet hair can create bubbles in the hair shaft, making it extra fragile. If your hair’s straight, let it air-dry, then comb gently with a wide-tooth comb. For textured or curly hair, gently detangle with a wide-tooth comb while it’s damp.

Get a Trim 

How could a haircut help your hair grow? When you get a trim, what comes off is the ends, the weakest parts of the strands. If left as is, those ends could break or split. Split ends can travel up your hair shafts and make your locks even shorter. Just don’t cut too much, if growth is your goal. Your hair grows about 1/2 inch a month, so you might aim for a 1/4-inch trim every 3 months or so.

Stress Less 

Serious stress can send hair into a resting phase, skipping the stage that coaxes it to grow. It may put you at higher risk for a condition called alopecia areata, where your own immune system attacks your hair follicles. It could also lead to trichotillomania, a strong urge to pull out your hair. Your hair might grow back when you reduce the stress in your life or find ways to manage it.

Apply essential oils/carrier oils

Put a few drops of tea tree, rosemary, or lime oil into your shampoo or dilute it with jojoba oil.

Researchers found that these three oils can improve scalp health. Still, there is a lack of studies proving that any essential oil will make your hair grow faster.

Another review found that the below essential oils may benefit hair loss treatment:

  • lavender
  • chamomile
  • thyme
  • peppermint
  • garlic extract

Avoid applying essential oils directly to your skin. Instead, dilute them in a carrier oil.

For instance, add a few drops of essential oil into 1 ounce (29.6 mL) of carrier oil. Certain carrier oil may even help moisturise your hair:

  • coconut 
  • sunflower
  • mineral
  • Castor

Handle With Care 

If your hair breaks easily, it needs extra pampering. For example, Black hair tends to be fragile, so pour on the TLC:

  • Don’t over-wash. Just do it enough to remove product buildup. That might be weekly or every other week.
  • If you relax your hair, go to a pro. Be sparing with touch-ups. Get them only about every 2-3 months, and only for new hair growth.
  • Treat your hair to a hot oil treatment every couple of weeks.

Don’t Be Deficient 

There’s no supplement proven to make hair grow faster. But if you’re short on certain nutrients, it can affect your hair. Low iron causes anaemia, which can trigger hair loss. Vitamins B and D factor big in healthy hair. So do zinc, omega-3-fatty acids, and the B vitamin biotin. Your doctor can test you for deficiencies. Ask them whether you should take a multivitamin or supplement and how much.


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