Life Coach Session: Have you faced pushback when making a confession?

Life Coach Session : Have you faced pushback when making a confession? 

It required a lot of courage to make just one confession. 

It’s simpler to say than to accomplish. 

Because the things we’ve done or the decisions we’ve made are frequently self-entered. 

For fear of the consequences, we have been avoiding even the smallest confession. 

We choose to deny rather than do one as a means of self-comfort.

How would you deal with it? 

First of all, what has been done is done, and you must accept it. 

You cannot go back in time, whether it was the right or wrong choice. 

All you have to do is accept it, face it, and live with the outcomes, responsibilities, and punishments. 

You must first admit yourself in order to fight for it. 

Even if nobody else is aware of it, you are. 

That is how you conquer the resistance.

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