Life Coach Session: Kindness or Weakness

Kindness is seen as offering a portion of yourself to another person, which goes against our basic need to survive and become stronger. 

It goes far further than we might think for us to view kindness as a sign of weakness.

Underneath our reluctance to recognize kindness as a strength is the thought that those who care for the mental and physical well-being of others are somehow emotionally “weak” – that considering the demands and wishes of others somehow diminishes your own value. 

People judge those who go above and beyond to assist someone as weak since it appears that they are putting that person’s needs ahead of their own.

Likewise, kindness is crucial for improving everyone’s emotional and physical health. 

In actuality, kindness is not a weakness in you. 

It is your perception that will foster self-development and communal growth.

The desire for a better environment, as well as the positive energy.

It is, in fact, your growing inner strength.

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