Life Coach Session: What is hope?

Life Coach Session: What is hope?

Hope is the desire for a result that improves your life in some way. It not only helps to make a difficult situation in the present more bearable, but it also has the potential to enhance our lives in the long run since hoping for a better future inspires action. 

Whether we realise it or not, everyone’s life includes hope. Everyone has dreams and aspirations. It’s a fundamental aspect of being human. As part of the self-narrative about our lives that we all have going through our brains, hope aids us in defining what we want for our futures.

When things are tough, having hope is challenging. 

In fact, when everything is crumbling, hope is what we want to cling to the most. 

To be hopeful is not to be pessimistic about your current circumstances. 

Accepting the circumstance as it is and anticipating change, realising that life is not always predictable.

But if you want a change, you must take action; do not wait for a miracle to occur.

Hope is used in three senses:

  1. A desire for something good in the future,
  2. the thing in the future that we desire, and
  3. the basis or reason for thinking that our desire may indeed be fulfilled.

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