Health Benefits: Red apple vs Green apple

Health Benefits: Green Apple vs Red Apple

Which apple is the greatest at keeping the doctor away? An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Is it a green apple, a golden apple, or just a plain red apple? Apples are popular due to their year-round availability, high fibre content, ease of ingestion, and abundant antioxidant and vitamin content, even if fruits in general are healthful and essential for our bodies.

Green apples are sour in taste and have thick skin, which makes them crispier. Red apples, on the other hand, are sweet, juicy and have thin skin. Due to their sweetness, people prefer red apples over green ones. 

The main difference between red and green apples is that red apples have a sweeter and more juicy flavour, and their skin has a thinner peel. The red apples have reduced nutritious content, such as protein, iron, and magnesium. The green apple has more nutrients.

Nutrition ListGreen AppleRed Apple
Calorie58 kcal59 kcal
Sugar9.59 g10.48 g
Carbohydrate13.61 g (5% DV)14.06 g (5% DV)
Dietary Fiber2.8 g (11% DV)2.3 g (9% DV)
Protein0.44 g (1% DV)0.27 g (1% DV)
Iron0.15 mg (1% DV)0.11 mg (1% DV)
Potassium120 mg (3% DV)104 mg (2% DV)
Calcium5 mg (0% DV)6 mg (1% DV)
Vitamin A100 IU (2% DV)55 IU (1% DV)
Vitamin B0.037 mg (2% DV)0.034 mg (2% DV)
Vitamin C15 mg (1% DV)12.5 mg (1% DV) 
Vitamin E0.18 mg (1% DV)0.24 mg (1% DV)
Vitamin K3.2 mcg (4% DV)2.6 mcg (3% DV)

There aren’t many health advantages of green apples that red apples can’t match because there are almost only slight differences in nutrients. The only additional health advantages would be those related to vitamin A, which green apples have roughly twice as much of. Accordingly, a green apple would be a more effective way to enhance bone health, improve vision, increase immunity, and reduce the incidence of acne. Red apples, on the other hand, serve the same role and offer the same advantages because they are more widespread and more frequently consumed.


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