Life Coach Session: How long emotions can last?

Emotions are like weather. They alter and move. Clouds might appear as immovable as stone. When we look at them, we rarely even detect any change. Yet they continue to move. The portion of any experience where you feel like you can’t take it any more is the worst. As a reason, if you feel like you can no longer take it, you probably have reached your lowest point. The only emotions you still have are better than this one.

There is only a 90-second chemical reaction in the body when a person reacts to something in their surroundings; any subsequent emotional reaction is just the person deciding to continue in that emotional loop.

Our brains build these connections when we regularly experience negative emotions like grief, anger, anxiety, and shame. Neural pathways, which make up our brains, are formed as a result of experiences, education, and ageing. Because of this, it gets easier and easier to activate these feelings and the tales we’ve linked with them when we experience them frequently. 

Feelings are how we interpret our emotions in the context of our present-day thoughts and past-time memories; they are the context in which we understand our emotions. We start to feel those emotions after we combine them with our thoughts, judgments, beliefs, and previous experiences, among other things. Feelings usually persist a longer time.

We eventually get on autopilot, or what is neatly referred to as automaticity in psychology, the longer we offer ourselves to stay in that loop. Without our knowledge or cognitive engagement, our decisions, actions, and other behaviours become automatic (mind). In the course of our daily lives, we turn into victims.

Why do we keep going around in that loop? 

We are prone to be either in our Comfort zone or Survival zone based on the feelings being Pleasant or Unpleasant, despite the fact that the reasons might be quite varied (genetic, societal, environmental, etc.). In either case, we frequently extend such emotional affirmations through free will (by very definition, by our own thoughts alone).

Mindfulness is a great practice to increase awareness of emotions–to be able to focus one’s attention on the inner processes and experiences within the moment. Mindfulness allows the opportunity to observe and accept one’s emotions rather than try to avoid or make judgement about any thoughts that occur. Try using mindfulness (be an observer of the 90 second process).

I’m providing free life coach sessions to anyone who is interested in talking or sharing. I cannot promise that you will acquire morality, but I can promise that I will do my best to hear what you have to say. 

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