Price of having siblings

Life with a sibling may be a lot of fun. Seriously. 

Sure, there are moments when you fight or when your parents seem to favour one of you over the other (blame your mom and dad for that one). Overall, however, brothers and sisters can provide significant health benefits, which is something to rejoice about.

Siblings play a unique role in one another’s lives that bonds the companionship of parents. Siblings grow up in the same household, in the same environment, so that they become a support system to each other. The connection between siblings is difficult to describe in a single word. It is the relationship that they are going to have till their last. 

It’s Good For Your Mental Health

Research has shown that people who have siblings tend to grow up being able to tackle difficult life situations easier than those without siblings. Between any sibling rivalries that you may have dealt with your older sister or younger brother in addition to having to deal with sharing attention and space with another person, your childhood is a little like training for the “being-an-adult Olympics.” 

Having a sibling puts you in situations that you wouldn’t have had to deal with if you had been an only child. And while there are benefits to being an only child as well, one of the great things about having a sibling was that it allowed you to learn how to deal with some challenges very early on. That in turn – research shows– has left you in what is likely a healthier mental space. 

When you have a family member who is a little bit closer to your age, whether you are the oldest sibling or one of the youngest siblings, you have a safe space in which to try things out. You learn how to make mistakes, and recover from them, within strong social ties before heading out into the world. 

Those who grow up as youngest kids may be funnier and more adventurous.

Leave it to the youngest ones to keep you in stitches. A 2015 survey found that youngest siblings are more likely to consider themselves the ones with better humour, whereas older brothers and sisters are more likely to view themselves as more serious. Research also suggests younger kids may be more exploratory and open to experiences.

Eldest siblings may naturally grow to be more responsible.

Firstborns have got the whole dependability thing down pat. Eldest siblings are often seen as more obedient and responsible. They also tend to focus more on family values and loyalty. So, either you’re able to totally count on your older sibling or you’re the eldest and you’ve likely learned to be reliable. Win-win.

Middle siblings often learn to be good peacekeepers.

Studies conducted on families and birth order suggest that middle kids may be the ones who are good at compromise and negotiating. A 2010 review of research also found that middle children are commonly more sociable and good at relating to people who are both older and younger. Makes perfect sense.

You Have a Friend 

When you have siblings in your life, you will always have a friend, even if you are diametrically opposed to them. Siblings, especially those who grew up in the same family as you, can understand and relate to your life experiences, emotions, and feelings. 

You may not agree on everything (or anything), but you have an understanding that no one else can possibly have because you started at the same home base. You’ve seen things that no one else has seen when you were younger. You’ve gone on wonderful excursions together, found amazing hiding spots, made fun of your parents, and perhaps had a best friend there for you during the tough times.

They keep us physically fit. 

This may start early in life — in trying to outdo one another – or by having an activity partner on-hand for a game of volleyball or tennis later on.

They make us tolerant and sympathetic. 

Siblings can genuinely sympathise with us when things don’t go as planned, soften setbacks and encourage us to reach our goals.

They help us become our better selves. 

Life is better

 Sibling affection is a really positive thing. One feels so secure and motivated and enthusiastic with a sibling. You have no fear about anything as long as you know your sibling is there. Siblings are so better at avoiding depression and delinquency problems. You can share everything with your siblings.

The best feeling in the world is having a sibling by your side. Siblings bicker and argue, but their love for one another binds them for life. No one can ever provide that sense of security, contentment, and togetherness.


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