Is the universe trying to warn you?

Do you believe that the Universe is guiding us? Do you believe that we are all part of the same cosmic whole, connected to everything and everyone that exists? 

Depending on your perspectives, you can either agree or disagree on this.

But what if the universe is trying to give us messages? 

Most people are surprised to discover that the Universe is extremely present in our lives, and emerges in even the most mundane details. In every moment we can tune into the guidance, wisdom, and love of the Divine if we are open and receptive.

You don’t even have to be remotely religious or spiritual to understand what the Universe is communicating with you. In fact, sometimes it’s better to have no ideas or beliefs about how the Universe “should” communicate with you at all. Many people believe that the Divine only speaks through amazing, miraculous, ethereal events, and unfortunately, this blocks the flow of communication. But the truth is that the Divine is just as present in the grime and banality of daily life as it is in the “special” moments. The Universe sends messages everywhere.

Remember that any warning signs from the Universe that you experience are there not to hurt you, but instead, are there to alert you. Sometimes warning signs even come in the form of a big slap to the face saying “wake the heck up!!” While these signs can be shocking or alarming, they ultimately arise for our highest good. So be mindful, approach them with humour, and pay attention.

Here’re some of the warnings that the universe is giving you.

 Your Gut Feeling

Generally speaking, we all know intuitively when we are on the right path. That uneasy, anxious feeling that arises in your stomach is speaking to you. It is saying that what you are doing is not in alignment with your highest self. Pay attention, especially if it doesn’t subside, no matter what you are doing or thinking.

 Lack of Sleep:

Similar to the instinctive gut feeling, not being able to sleep arises from a deep knowledge that your thoughts and actions are not serving you. If fear and anxiety is circling in your mind as you lie awake, you likely need to make some changes in your life.

 Unexpected delays.

If you miss your plane, train or bus or if something happens to stop you reaching your destination, it could be the universe telling you to stop what you are doing.

You lose things.

If something is stolen from you or you misplace something important, it often forces you to wake up to the present moment. In that shock, you become aware of any thoughts or actions that are not serving you.

You are repeatedly clumsy.

If you keep tripping over, stubbing your toe or cutting yourself, pay attention to what that could mean. Do you need to slow down and rethink your path?

You get sick a lot.

If you keep getting a cold or frequent headache or if being sick keeps you from your work or everyday life, consider that it’s the universe warning you that this path is not the best for you. Physically being unable to continue due to ill health is a clear sign from the universe to slow down and stop.

 Sense of dread.

If you constantly have that nagging feeling of dread or anxiety, whatever you are doing, pay attention. Your inner self knows if something feels right or not.

You have an accident.

This could be one of the more dramatic ways the universe communicates with you. An accident is a real slap in the face to wake up and become aware of what’s going on in your life. Often smaller things precede a larger accident, like fainting or tripping over. These are all little warning signs from the universe to take stock of your life in a calm way.

 Negative omens.

These are very individual depending on what you believe to be negative omens. Be conscious of how your mind perceives different signs during your day. If you see a huge stop sign where you are normally permitted to drive, or a magpie on the side of the road, that might mean something for you, perhaps the universe is showing you that your decisions are not beneficial for your highest good.

You have arguments with people.

This could be either with your loved ones or with random people you come across during your day. If you frequently have disputes with people, consider that your actions are not working positively for you at this time. It might be important to review your decisions.

Constant obstacles or roadblocks.

If you feel like life is a constant struggle and you can never get ahead, it might be time to consider that you are not following the most beneficial path. When things are in alignment, the sailing is smooth. For example if you are trying to buy a house and everything about the sale keeps going wrong, it might be time to decide that it’s not the right house for you, or the right time to buy. You may be guided to something far better that you cannot yet see.

 You’re Losing Interest.

When we’re on the right path, we see our goals and dreams all around us.

Because when manifesting so much energy in positive visions, the Universe is sending more our way and moving us closer to our goals.

But, when we begin to lose interest in what we’re doing and stop loving it, it’s time to change.

The Universe is recognizing this and trying to tell you what you’re doing is wrong.

It’s trying to tell you to change course BEFORE it’s too late.

Your Relationships Have Stood Still.

Humans are social species. 

We need human interaction to feel a sense of connection.

But what happens when these relationships seem to become stagnant? What does it mean when they seem to be draining us of energy?

Whether it be romantic or platonic. Relationships that suck us of all energy and positivity are ones that need to go IMMEDIATELY.

When the Universe senses that someone (or groups of people) are only leading you down the wrong path, it will do everything it can to show you.

And it may be tough. 

But you need to STOP focusing energy on people who aren’t invested in your growth as well as theirs. 

You need to be around people who encourage you to be everything you CAN be.

You’re Looking In The Past More Than The Present Or The Future.

When you’re on the wrong path and manifesting a future that isn’t right for you, you will always look back to the “good ol’ days”.

You always seem to miss what once was and have troubles looking at what’s ahead.

The Universe knows that you don’t like where you are or where you’re going, so it’s trying to show you a time where you were on the RIGHT path.

When you find yourself always looking back at the good days, not happy with how things are TODAY.

Then it’s time to start making your TODAYS as good as those old days.

Keep in mind that it is common to experience things such as losing sleep or getting stuck in traffic. Just because you stubbed your toe doesn’t necessarily mean that you are on the wrong path.

However, when you are experiencing many of these signs from the Universe all at once or consecutively, please pay attention. Ask yourself, “What am I doing, thinking or planning right now which might be opposing my highest good?”

The best way to understand and interpret the signs is to meditate. When you quiet your mind from negative chatter, you tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe. It’s important to clear your mind and breathe deeply, work on building your trust and belief that guidance is yours whenever you ask for it.

Remember these signs are here to help you! They are sometimes quite subtle and appear as suggestions and hints from other people sent into our lives.


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