A semi-open door

A door!

It’s neither open nor closed! It’s more like half- opened and half-closed. So, what are you going to do?

Will you close the door fully or will you open it wisely?

You couldn’t see what’s on the other side.

It could be dangerous or it could be fantastic. 

Is it better to close it fully so that you won’t welcome harmful things coming to you?


Is it better to open it fully so that you will let the new opportunities come to you?


Would you leave it as it is so that you will keep anticipating?

At some point in life , we will definitely see that door. 

It’s what’s happening in our mind.

Would you dare to take the chances on the other side of the door? 

It’s unseen, unpredictable, yet you can keep dreaming. 


Is it safer to close it down so that you wouldn’t face any bad things?

We have to make choices in life! One way or another, you will inevitably find the move which is right for you.

I wouldn’t say whether it is a good or bad thing on the other side.

Whatever you choose, stick to your decision. 

Don’t regret it, or don’t come back!

Your mind will eventually find its way. 


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