5 healthy junk foods you should eat

Cheeseboard with assorted delicacies. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

When we say ‘Junk foods’, foods that are high in calories or sugar or sodium, just pop up in our minds. In fact, not all junk foods are unhealthy. If you check carefully, there are certain types of junk foods that you can be friends with everyday.

Whole Grains Bread

If you are a fan of bread and still want to stay healthy, don’t worry about eating too many calories. Go searching for bread made of whole grains and seeds that are called organic bread. It contains protein, fibres, omega-3, and whole grains which are definitely a good choice to stay fit. A sprouted bread which means your body will digest it more easily and absorb more of the nutrients. Besides, protein and fibres in it will keep you satisfied and not craving more.


If you are craving for cheese puffs, you can still look for cheddar brands that are made with low calorie, gluten free, no trans fat, and no artificial colours or flavouring. Carefully check for the ingredients that each serving will only be about 140-150 calories.

Tortilla Chips

If you can’t live without chips, grain free tortilla chips are the right choice for you. It is made from whole grains and seeds, which will give you more fibre and nutrients. 

Another option for you is to go for potato chips made with seaweed snacks with less carbs. Seaweed is loaded with Calcium and protein and no carbs, and so it is even great for weight loss.

Yoghurt Ice Cream

Another junk food you should add to your cart is yoghurt ice cream. It is a great choice for people who need a sweet fix. Yoghurt is, not a doubt, a good choice for your health. But be careful about the portion you take daily. 


If you are a daily lollipops eater, please go for organic lollipops. Make sure to check the ingredients with less artificial colour, and each serving will be about only 22 calories. And of course, you have to control your daily intakes.



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