5 benefits of 5 minutes meditation

Despite of your religion, everyone can practise meditation. Actually, meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. The benefits are plentiful in ordinary times. And amid the coronavirus pandemic, being present and finding moments of peace has never been more important. Even a 5 min break of meditation from your daily activities, it will give you a bucket full of surprises. 

Reduce stress

Research shows that mindfulness meditation lowers the level of cortisol, the hormone which causes stress. Reducing cortisol can decrease general stress, anxiety and depression. So, as we’re in the midst of the pandemic, it will help reduce the anxiety relating to coronavirus.

Promote emotional health 

Meditation can help you improve your self image and leads to a more positive outlook on life. Even after practising 5 min daily, it will remove your negative thoughts and miserability. And when the mind relaxes and lets go, the body follows. In the process, our adrenaline and our nervous system take a break at times, to unplug, to recycle, to rejuvenate.

Reduce depression symptoms

More or less, everyone can fall into depressive categories in one way or another. It is often triggered by stress and anxiety. Research says that meditation can change the areas of the brain, including the “Me Centre” and “Fear Centre”, that are linked to depression. It also increases the grey matter in the brain’s hippocampus, which is responsible for memory. So, it will further reduce the risk of dementia in later life.

Lower blood pressure

Regardless of your age, stress and other environmental factors can increase blood pressure that are prone to stroke, heart attack and other heart related diseases. Meditation positively impacts blood pressure, heart muscle effectiveness and general cardiovascular mortality. So, one-time-at-a-day-practice will surely keep your doctor away.

Generate kindness and self-awareness 

It will increase positive feelings and actions towards yourself and others. By developing kind thoughts and feelings towards yourself, you will learn to extend this kindness and forgiveness externally, first to friends, and then to acquaintances, and ultimately your enemies. 

After passing the long day, a 5 min pause of the day will bring you to have a stronger understanding of yourself, helping you grow into your best self.

You will be able to recognize thoughts that may be harmful or self-defeating. The idea is that as you gain greater awareness of what you’ve been thinking all day, you will have a chance to control them, to steer them toward more constructive patterns.

The benefits of meditation are endless. Once you’ve tried, even a 5 min break of your day, you will explore more and more.



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