Develop your thick skin: social advice

How would you response to the words around you, whether good or bad?

Of course, everybody loves to hear sweet and sound compliments, no matter what. No one wants to hear bad comments about themselves. Mostly, people always desire to create a fantastically perfect life of which everyone inspire and admire them.

Keep in mind that there will be some sort of people who unconditionally love whoever you are or whatever you do and will support you and give you positive comments regardless of the conditions. Though it’s a wonderful feeling, it doesn’t really help you because it will finally let you become a weak person. Don’t be drowning into it without making any improvement. Self-acceptance is more important.

Then there are the “haters,” as they’re called. These people insult your appearance, work, family, and self-worth.

For some amount of period, I have never got used to those negative comments. I’ve cried. I’ve responded. I’ve fought back with some and had a huge bad influence on me. I judged about myself for being disqualified and unvalued. As a consequence, I was repeatedly blaming myself for failing and becoming a loser. I deliberately put myself into self-destruction. That engagement was totally a worst idea.

Don’t try to put yourself into it. You can take it for some, but not necessary to respond every single thing. It all depends on you. Only you can judge about yourself. Take some negative comments, try to analyze and filter, then, there you go for improvement. Don’t let them affect you deeply into emotions. Never lock yourself in others’ words. Don’t let the surroundings design your life. Think nobody is perfect; nobody is doing the rights, always. Instead, make jokes about the failure. Try to look the life from another aspect. Don’t be serious all the time. It really harms you.

Your worth is defined only by you. That’s what I tell myself & become strong as a result.

Develop the thick skin & enjoy the journey!superthumb

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