Pause the moment of your life

Cars are constantly driving down the highways; some are with normal speed while others at accelerated speed. Regardless of the speed, it’s obvious that they all got one mission, one destination to reach.

The indicator shows I need to fill up my petrol tank. So, I pulled over my vehicle to the side of the road. I got out of the car and walked down to the some distance.

All of the sudden, a gentle breeze of cold air gushed into my face brought me to the deep thoughts.

Yeah! The same phenomenon does happen in our real lives!

At some point in our lives, there comes a time to STOP the moment. Give it a time to realize yourself, your surroundings. What do you run after? Is it really worth running for? What have you left behind? Who is with you all the time? Who made you down? Who lifted you up? What is your strength? What is your weakness? What have you done for your loved ones? What you have done for your enemies? Are you willing to give peace and forgiveness? Are you willing to praise others? The most important out of these is where is your happiness? Is it right here or after reaching your destination?

Sometimes, we are just running after running to the destination we don’t even know… money? Fame? Success? Love? Family? We may be totally disappeared from the highways before we couldn’t find out what they are.  No one can ever know what tomorrow holds.


Remember to give it a time to look at  yourself and around you to answer the questions before it’s never too late!


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