Moisturize morning or night?


What will be the best time to moisturize your skin, morning or night?
Using moisturizers help us to keep our surface layers of the skin hydrated with oil and water-based emulsions. Then, is there any difference outcome of using them between morning and night time?
Basically, both types do the same job, and, your age, skin type and the environment in which you spend most of your time will dictate which works best for you.
One thing to keep in mind is that night creams tend to be more heavier and may clog your pores. It’s gonna be unhelpful if your skin prone to spots. As for me,being sensitive and oily skin, I would be so sacred to wake up with spotty face. However, if is goes well with you,there’s no reason not to.
Beware the mantra: ‘Your skin repairs itself at night’.
Yes,our bodies need to sleep too, but there’s no hypothesis about what your skin does at night. Only natural renewal process takes place around the clock.
Of course, putting some day screams before you go out will offer not only as sun protection, but also as a good base for make-up.
So, to wind up, if you’re confusing what time should you apply moisturizer on your lovely face, the answer would be

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