Travelling: a part of life

Wanna escape from stressful environment?

The best way to refreshed up your body and mind is getting rid of the daily routines. TAKE A TRIP!

Then, where should be your vacation destination?  Well, different kinds of people have different taste of travelling.

If you’d asked me, I would recommend boasting up your adrenaline at BEACH!

It was in the late afternoon in the middle of December, when I went to beach with my family. Mostly, I like being all by myself, but sharing your vacation time with your friends and family is not totally a bad idea.

However, sometimes, you need to get some personal time to think. So, I got out of the hotel, and walked straight to the lumpy sand. Suddenly, I felt the warm peace in my heart. The sound of the splashing water on the rocks and the sound of waving trees, both were so smoothing. I reached down to touch the sand, it felt….. so gritty and hard. The sand was so rough that it is hard to walk on. After the tide came and hit the sand along the beach, stepping on the soaked sand made me felt like stepping on something luxurious that I’ve never felt before. Looking back to the footprints where I left remind me that, what we had left in lives would be remained until another tide came in.

I really enjoyed the smell of ocean. The smell was strong and pleasant, and I felt like it was thriving into my nerves and made them strong again.  I’ve got the chance to catch the beautiful sunset moment that was so perfect enough; even the famous artist’s painting couldn’t follow its awesomeness. Also, the wind made my hair fly around like the leaves were brushing against each other.

I guess it was my lucky day, as the beach was quiet. After half an hour walk along the beach line, I sat down on the sand in the middle of the beach. Once again, the feeling of peach struck me again. I closed my eyes, and tried to remember every beautiful moment I’ve ever seen.

Being alive is how blissful!!!


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